Michelle Mingoia

Volunteering with Love Hope Strength combines two of my favorite things; live music, and helping people. I got on the list on The Rock Boat 13. When I saw they were back at sea again on Rombello 2 (with a hula hoop!) I knew these were my people. I hooped up and down that beach (walking is my only real trick) and urged people to get on the list while jamming out to the sound of sunshine and Michael Franti. When they opened an office in NYC I just had to get on board. I’ve helped out at some of the coolest venues in the city, seen some of my favorite acts, discovered exciting new ones, and met some really cool people who’ve shared their inspiring stories with me. Coming around full circle and representing Love Hope Strength this year on The Rock Boat 14 was an incredible experience. It made what’s already an awesome floating music festival even more amazing as it allowed me to connect with others on a whole new level (and of course I brought back the hoop)! I’m looking forward to more concerts, more new friends, more swabs, more matches, and more Love Hope Strength.