Vail Rocks Results in Life-Saving Match

I wanted to send you this picture. Last summer my husband and I attended your event in Vail. The ironic thing is that we did not know about the event until we got to Vail, we had simply left Denver for the weekend and headed to the mountains to try to process the news about his mother. she had just been diagnosed with soft tissue bone cancer. We ended up at your concert just by walking to dinner. At the event my husband did a cheek swab. 2 months ago Malcolm received a phone call that he had been matched with a 28 year old woman with Leukemia. Right now he is in DC performing the donation.
I just thought you might want to see that your event and your mission is working. Because of you, a life today has been changed forever. Make that 10. Our family will never be the same after this amazing experience.