Lydia Franklin Rides Route 66 for Love Hope Strength

On October 5th 2013, LHS Support and volunteer Lydia Franklin will be cycling Route 66 in the USA in support of Love Hope Strength. Lydia has undertaken challenges in the name of LHS before, but this is the biggest yet, with a great concert to celebrate at the end…with some special guests!

Lydia will start in Chicago on October 5th and finish in Santa Monica at the pier on October 31st. She will be cycling around 100 miles per day for 24 days with a total of just 4 rest days over a total distance of 2400 miles.

The challenge is done completely solo carrying all her own gear. Route 66 is possibly the most famous road in the world, and is sometimes refereed to as the Main Street of America.

End of Ride Party and show featuring TAYLOR HAWKINS of THE FOO FIGHTERS
The end of Ride Party will take place at Rock & Roll Pizza on November 1st 2013 starting at 6pm. The line-up includes opening acts Beki Hemminway and Joe Silva and a headlining set from Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins band, Chevy Metal.

Other information about the trek can he found here:-

Route 66 Blog
Just Giving
Find Me Spot (you track Lydia’s progress on a map here)

Have you ever thought of donating to the work of Love Hope Strength but never got around to it? Or are you impressed by the enormity of this challenge and would like to support Lydia in this grueling challenge. If so, please click on the Just Giving link above and make a donation.

Chevy Metal


“I have a good general fitness, I go indoor climbing twice a week and can quite happily get on my bike and ride 60 to 70 miles a day, and I’m going out for a long ride whenever I can.”

“I haven’t really thought about the physical side. You just get into a routine and rhythm to make the distance. I’m more thinking about getting saddle-sore, which isn’t very glamorous.”

“It shouldn’t be too cold in Chicago or too hot in Mexico in October and the scenery is going to change dramatically as I pass through eight states”.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon and going through the Mojave Desert and that peacefulness and calmness of being in the middle of nowhere”.

“I’m a bit unsure about navigating my way through the cities but I am feeling excited”.

“Not many people can say they have cycled across America. That’s a pretty cool thing to do.”

Lydia Franklin