Sending Cells Overseas

I was honored to have come up as a Bone Marrow Match and it has been quite a journey.  Recently, I had a very special day in my life and a day that I will never forget.  It is amazing to think that a “little cheek swab” a couple of years ago, while I was volunteering with Love Hope Strength, would match me with someone around the world who was battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It turns out, I am a match to a male with A.L.L. and he lives outside of the United States.


I was “all in” from the beginning knowing that my blood stem cells could potentially give him his life back.  I had a few “hick-ups” along the way, but nothing, I couldn’t get past especially considering where my donation was going.


All went well this week….a couple scary things and some tears on my part.  Fortunately, my blood counts were very high and so we collected more than he will need for his transfusion this week and that means he will have some on reserve that will be frozen if he needs it at a later date.  I am thrilled he will have extra if needed and I am calling the extra… “BSC Popsicles”!


As I type, he has had his transfusion and my hope is my blood cells are working their magic.  Please keep him in your prayers….he has a tough few months ahead of him and is “touch & go” for a bit.  I am anxious for updates and look forward to hearing about his progress. I, also, hope to meet him someday. That potential day is something that I look forward to in the future.


I am feeling really good today…lots of energy. I am tickled that I was given the opportunity to help someone and in fact, I would do it all over again.


People have asked me “Why did you decide to get on the list??” and my answer is simply…Cancer just sucks and putting myself on the list was a way for me to help someone fight it and bring them HOPE in what is most often a hopeless feeling situation. I am very lucky to be a match.


Thanks to Love Hope Strength for all you do to build the list of potential donors. Keep up the great work!