2015 Was An Amazing Year – Thank You!

Greetings from Denver, everyone! On behalf of the entire team and our Board we wanted to give you a top down recap of the amazing year that was here at LHS. We hope you’re as proud of all we’ve accomplished because, to put it very simply, we can’t do this without you! Thank you so much, and cheers to an amazing 2016 and beyond…

Here’s what Love Hope Strength looked like by the numbers in 2015:
  • 37,909 more registrants added to the international bone marrow registry
  • 1,013 marrow drives
  • 837 more potentially lifesaving matches found
  • 46 music festivals attended
  • 30 tours joined
  • new bands added to the LHS family
  • 5 LHS Lounge shows
  • 3 LHS fundraising events
  • 2 LHS marrow donors met the musician they signed up with
  • 1 more successful a** kicking of cancer by our fearless leader, Mike Peters

A simply iconic view of what it means to Rock the Skyline, with Manhattan as an incredible backdrop!