365 Day Alarm Challenge

The Alarm celebrates 30 years as a band in 2011. So why not help the person who has given so much further his very worthy cause? I have committed to changing my Facebook profile picture every day for one year to celebrate this milestone anniversary. In doing so, I am calling upon everyone who can help by asking you to donate $30.00 (one dollar for each year of unforgettable music from The Alarm) to the Love Hope Strength Foundation. The drive will run all year and you can donate when and if you have the means and desire. You can even donate a little bit at a time if you’d like.

As a long time fan of The Alarm, I was devastated when I heard that Mike Peters had cancer. Mike and his music have been an integral part of my life for years and have pulled me through some pretty tough times. Apparently, cancer doesn’t discriminate when it chooses to strike.

When Mike and James Chippendale started the Love Hope Strength Foundation, it was so obvious something like LHS had to be done. Over the past few years I have watched Mike, James, Shannon and some very good friends make a difference in the world’s fight against cancer through LHS and other channels. I am neither climbing a mountain nor performing on stage, but I am trying to contribute to the fight in my own way.

We have a chance to make a difference. I challenge you to join me.

Love, Hope, Strength
Bob Morris

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