4 Ways to Fight Cancer at a Concert

Four Ways to Fight Cancer While Attending a Rock Show

Since 1971, and The Concert for Bangladesh, rockers have coalesced to support numerous charitable causes.  Most of these benefit concerts, especially the big ones, are in response to some sort of disaster and not some sort of disease, like cancer (with AIDS being the lone exception).

You have Live Aid, Farm Aid, Tsunami Aid, and Hope for Haiti Now, just to name a few.

Certainly, there have been charity concerts supporting the fight against cancer, some of which have been detailed on this website.  One of the most famous, occurred more than four decades ago.

In 1973, Elvis Presley performed a concert in Hawaii which was broadcasted, via satellite, to more than 40 countries.  The broadcast, and the rehearsal show, cost $2.5 million to produce and raised $75,000 for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund.

Historically, rockers unite and perform for relief, not research.  That doesn’t mean we should boycott rock until it starts to rock for cancer research.  It just means we have to get creative.

Below, are four ways you can fight cancer by going to rock concert.  The following suggestions allow you to rock out, while at the same time, be part of the solution.

1. Volunteer/Register

Let’s start with the most obvious way to fight cancer at rock concert and that’s to volunteer for the Love Hope Strength Foundation.  As you know, the LHS is on a mission to save “lives, one concert at a time.”

To do that, they’ve launched the Get on the List campaign.  That’s where they sign folks, ages 18 to 55, to the National Marrow Registry at rock concerts.  Volunteering for LHS is fun and easy.

Of course, if you don’t want to volunteer, you can always add your name to the registry.  In doing so, you might literally save someone’s life.  If you do, you can proudly say that you saved a life and all you did was attend a rock concert.

2. Wear a LHS T-Shirt

There’s an old argument about what kind of t-shirt you should wear to a rock concert.  Some say you shouldn’t wear the t-shirt of the band you’re seeing, while others think you should wear a t-shirt of a similar sounding band.

You can skip the argument all together by wearing a t-shirt promoting your favorite cancer fighting organization.  For example, you can wear a Love Hope Strength Foundation t-shirt.

Show up early and walk around the venue with your shirt on.  You’ll be a portable billboard raising awareness for your favorite cancer fighting organization.

3. Donate Tickets

Next time you buy tickets to your favorite rock show, buy a couple of extra.  Then, donate those extra tickets to your favorite cancer fighting organization.

That organization can use them as fundraising fodder.  They can be part of a raffle or a bid item at a silent auction.

Tickets for Neil Diamond performing in my neck of the woods went on sale in mid-December.  The concert isn’t until July.  That gives an organization a good seven-month window to use your donated tickets to raise money for the fight against cancer.

4. Buy Tickets from GoodDeedSeats

At GoodDeedSeats, they’ll donate $5 from the profit of your ticket sale to a deserving charity of your choice.  And one of the charities you can choose is The Love Hope Strength Foundation!

So, if you buy concert tickets from GoodDeedSeats you can directly help LHS by entering in the code DONATEROCKCANCER at checkout, learn more here.  Also, concerts are never sold out on GoodDeedSeats and you never have to wait in line.

Just think, by merely purchasing concert tickets, you’re doing your part to fight cancer and you’re doing it one concert at a time.

Rockin’ out and helping fight cancer at the same time, what could be better?