Follow G. Love and Brett Dennen as they travel along Mt. Everest (Journal Entry #2)

By Chris Coplan on December 9th, 2012 in CoS Premieres, Exclusive, News

From November 24th to December 13th, G. Love (of Special Sauce fame) and folk-pop singer Brett Dennen will be taking part in the Everest Basecamp Trek in support of the music-centric cancer charity Love Hope Strength. Along the way, Dennen will offer dispatches of their journey, chronicling every steep peak, breathtaking view, and anything and everything they encounter up and back down the world’s highest mountain. Below, read Dennen’s second entry, where he pens an ode to the Sherpa people.
LHS was founded in 2007 by leukemia survivors Mike Peters (of the Welsh band The Alarm) and James Chippendale (president of Doodson Insurance Brokerage). Over the years, they’ve spearheaded bone marrow drives at concerts and festivals the world over, including Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits. To date, they’ve added 28,000 people to the international bone marrow database. For more info or to pledge, head to their official website.

Journal Entry #2
I am not very tall
But I am stronger than most
Put me at sea level and I will keep up with the greatest athletes in the world
Try to keep up with me in the mountains, you won’t
I am from the mountains
We are one and the same
I am a yak herder
potato farmer
street peddler
Mountain climber
I will carry you and your belongings into the clouds
When we reach the lodge each day, I will go into the kitchen and make sure the food is prepared to your liking
Bring you tea and coffee
When you retire to your room, I will sleep in a common area with other mountain guides such as myself, sometimes a shared bed, sometimes on the floor of the dining room.
You may hear us singing at night as you fall asleep
I will wake you up in the morning with warm washing water
We will set out on the trail each morning and I will tell you stories of these mountains
And my people
We are one and the same
I am always smiling
I am always willing to help you