Fund raise, just by doing your job!?


Did you know you can fund raise for Love Hope Strength just by volunteering, or just for doing your day job!?

Do you work for one of these companies or know someone who does?
Boeing*^, BP*^, Disney*^, Home Depot*, Johnson & Johnson*, Outerwall*^, State Farm*^, Coca-Cola*, CVS^, General Mills*, McDonald’s*, Pepsi*, Starbucks*^, Walmart^, Apple*^, Best Buy^, General Electric*, Google*^, HP*^, Microsoft*^, Verizon*^, American Eagle*^, eBay*^, Gap*^, Kohl’s^, Macy’s*^, Nike*, Nordstrom*?
What is so special about these employers? This is a small sampling companies in the United States that have either a Matching Gift* program, a Volunteer Grant^ program, or both*^.
What does this mean?
For example if you work at Boeing through their Matching Gift program Employee donations between $25 and $6,000 will be matched at a 1:1 ratio. Full-time employees, board members, part-time employees, and retirees are all eligible to request matching gifts!
Though Boeing’s Volunteer Grant programs of which they have two:
Individual volunteer grants: Employees who volunteer with nonprofits can submit requests for a $250 for every 25 hours of volunteering (max of $6,000).
Cause-related walk grants: Boeing provides a $100 grant for every fundraising walk, run, or bike event that an employee participates in.
These are examples of the programs in place for just one of these employers, what if you don’t work for one of these but you’re curious about your employer, ask your supervisor or the H.R. department, they would likely know who to contact to find out more!