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2017 LHSF Ambassador Orientation

You may also download this document to have it at the ready by clicking here.

Welcome to the Love Hope Strength Foundation at Governors Ball Ambassador Team!

Read this overview to help you prepare for your role as an Ambassador for LHSF.  You’re a part of a 500+ strong team with a united goal:  to support LHSF’s “Get On The List Campaign” (GOTL) of saving lives one, concert at a time.

Governors Ball is committed to supporting organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for generations to come. For the first year at Governors Ball, Love Hope Strength Foundation is providing its Ambassadors at the Festival to help promote its mission through interacting with fans across the Festival grounds on various teams focused on patron services and environmental stewardship.

As a LHSF Ambassador, join your team in supporting GOTL and enhancing the Festival experience for all fans.   
Take pictures and tag #getonthelistgovball to share your experience!

Festival FAQ

  • Dates: Friday-Sunday, June 2 – June 4, 2017 (rain or shine)
  • Where: Randall’s Island Park, New York City, NY
  • Gates: 11:45 AM, last act ends @ 11 PM each night.
  • Patron entrances:
  • Main patron entrances & exits are primarily the east & west gates.
  • Additional access points include the Manhattan ferry, the RFK Bridge to Manhattan, 103rd St footbridge to Manhattan, MTA bus to 125th St, and the Brooklyn shuttle. (See map page 5)
  • Music: Four stages featuring about 60+ artists of all genres from across the globe
  • LHSF Ambassadors: 400+ ambassadors; 8 teams, 14 team leads

How Can I Prepare?

Visit the Festival’s Website.  In order to be a successful LHSF Ambassador at Governors Ball, take the time to prepare for your team role.  The Festival’s website has a lot of information that is relevant to your team.  Visit the Festival’s website (www.governorsball.com) to review the Festival map and check out various sections of the site.  Become familiar with the Festival layout, such as stage locations, Information booths, the Watering Stations, etc.  

As you review the Festival map, start to get your bearings; the Festival covers a large area and no matter which team you are on, a patron may turn to you for directions:   It really helps to walk in having a good sense of direction.

LHSF Booth Location: Make sure you’ve studied the Festival map and the LHSF Ambassador General Orientation and are clear as to the exact location of the LHSF booth.  As an Ambassador for LHSF, knowing where to direct patrons to GET ON THE LIST is essential!  Ask your team lead if you have any questions.

The LHSF Mission:  Make sure you understand the GET ON THE LIST campaign by reading this Orientation  or by visiting the LHSF website for more information (www.lovehopestrength.org).  You should be prepared to easily relay the “4 Steps to Save a Life” message to any patron.

The Check-In Process

Check in about 30 minutes before your shift.  Be on time!

Ambassador check-in is located at both the east and west gates at the end of either box office. LHS check-in is marked on the map next to each box office. An expandable version of the map is available here: http://i.imgur.com/ieDHTdu.jpg


At Check-In

Follow these easy steps to check in:

  • Go to the box office at either gate and look for the LHS check-in booth at the end of the row.
  • Present your photo ID at the check-in.
  • An LHS team lead will clock you in and issue your single-day, non-transferrable wristband, give you an ambassador t-shirt, and guide you to the group you’ll be joining for your shift.
  • Please be aware that the wristband you receive belongs only to you and must be worn on valid festival days. Do not remove it before or during the festival day of your shift. Lost, stolen or confiscated wristbands will not be replaced.
  • If you have an afternoon or late shift and want to come in early to see the show the day of your shift, you can. Enjoy the festival, and come back at least 15 minutes before your shift to officially check in at the LHS HQ. You must return to LHS HQ to officially check in for your shift.
  • ***If you have an afternoon or late shift and you pick up your wristband early, your check-in point should be at our LHS activation inside the festival. Do not come back out to the LHS check-in by the box office since there are no ins & outs.*** Very important!
  • Pick up your ambassador t-shirt and put it on before your shift. Please only wear your t-shirt while you are working since you are representing the organization during this time.
  • Visit the LHS Ambassador HQ inside the festival anytime between 11am-7pm from Friday-Sunday.


At Ambassador HQ

We’ll have some snacks and refreshments available, so there’s even more reason to check in early for your shift, relax and get to know your team beforehand, and sign up to Get On The List!

At AMB check-in, you will

  • Present a photo ID and check in for your shift.
  • Pick up your ambassador t-shirt and put it on before your shift. Please only wear it during your shift.
    one t-shirt for the entire weekend.) There is a tent available to change in.
  • Gather with your team and meet your team lead for instructions!


Your LHSF Ambassador Team Role

  • Read the overview of your assigned team found in the ambassador orientation page.
  • Your team leads will give you specific directions and will be available to answer questions. Please ask them if you come across a question you can’t answer!
  • All roles involve patron interaction. Remember that your role as an LHSF Ambassador at the festival is to help promote its mission through interacting with fans across the festival while enhancing the fan experience. Be friendly, positive, and helpful.
  • You are a part of a team and your team is counting on you. Do the right thing and complete all your shifts. And enjoy the Festival!

What is the Love Hope Strength Foundation

Love Hope Strength Foundation is the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation. LHSF turns concerts into lifesaving events by signing up people to become potential marrow donors through the GET ON THE LIST campaign.  At the Festival’s LHSF booth, patrons will fill out a form and do a quick cheek swab to become a possible match for someone fighting a blood cancer in need of a lifesaving transplant. 

Saving Lives, One Concert at a Time

LHSF promotes the GET ON THE LIST campaign at thousands of musical events throughout the year featuring a LHSF booth.  If you’re interested in volunteering for one of these events, visit www.lovehopestrength.org for more information.  

Why is it important to Get On the List?

The Power of Numbers

Every 3 minutes in the U.S., someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. For many patients, a marrow transplant or stem cell donation is the best chance for survival.

  • 30% of patients can find a matching donor in their families, but 70%—nearly 14,000 each year—must rely on a benevolent stranger to step up and donate.
  • 6 out of 10 patients are unable to find a compatible donor. The odds are even lower for those with diverse ancestry. 
  • About 1 in 540. These are the odds of being selected as a match. The more people that sign up on the marrow registry, the better the chances of finding a match. 
  • Much of LHSF’s focus is signing up people to Get On The List at concerts and festivals. Why focus on these kinds of events? Research shows that younger donors provide the greatest chance for transplant success, which is why people between the ages of 18-44 are called to donate more than 90% of the time


The patrons attending events such as Governors Ball tend to be the ideal age-demographic for being potential marrow donors.  As an Ambassador for LHSF, you can help reach out to this ideal audience to promote the GOTL mission. 


Your Role to Support the GOTL Campaign

How can you support the GET ON THE LIST campaign at the festival?  Your LHSF Ambassador mission is to understand and promote the GOTL campaign.

4 Steps Can Save A Life

You are strongly encouraged to support the campaign by signing up to GET ON THE LIST.  How?

1.Visit the LHSF booth at Governors Ball anytime during the festival.

2.Register for the marrow registry by filling out a contact form and answering basic medical questions for eligibility.  All information is confidential and HIPPA protected.

  1. Do a quick cheek swab. 

4.Say “YES” to marrow donation if you’re lucky enough to be selected as a match to potentially save a life.

Note that trained LHSF staff are available at the booth in at all times to answer any questions. 


You’ll experience for yourself the ease of signing up and the great feeling of giving hope to those who would otherwise be denied the chance of life as they navigate through blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.


How to Promote the GOTL Campaign

Your ambassador t-shirt will feature the tagline “Get On The List.”  Patrons could be curious and ask what that means.  This is a perfect opportunity to explain the simple steps to GET ON THE LIST. 

Your goal is to promote the campaign to at least 12 people throughout the festival days.  

Here’s some basic messaging:

  • GET ON THE LIST means signing up to be a potential marrow donor.
  • It’s easy, quick, and free. Visit the LHSF booth, sign a consent form, and provide a cheek swab. In less than 5 minutes you might save a life!

Note:  if you are asked very specific questions about the GOTL program, direct the patron to the LHSF booth, which will be staffed by knowledgeable LHSF representatives.

Make sure you understand where the LHSF booth is located  so you can direct patrons there.

LHSF Ambassador Tips

  • Be on time!!! On time is about 30 minutes before your shift. Take into account traffic delays, getting through huge crowds, etc. 
  • Check the weather before you come in and come prepared. Festival is rain or shine.
  • Travel light and carry your stuff with you. Wear pants/shorts with big pockets, a light backpack, etc. We don’t have a storage area in AMB HQ for your use. 
  • Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Trust us on that.
  • Hydrate! Go green and bring an empty refillable bottle or CamelBak. AMB HQ will have water and there are many water refill stations throughout the festival grounds.
  • Don’t use your cell phone while on shift–focus on your role! It’s not the time to chat with friends on your cell, check or send text messages, etc.
  • No smoking on shift!
  • Our LHSF team leads evaluate all Ambassadors. Get to know your team leads as best you can. Be helpful. Be flexible.  We enter team lead ratings as part of your Ambassador record.
  • You represent LHSF. Unacceptable behavior on shift (including use of alcohol or drugs) subjects you to immediate dismissal and you will be asked to leave the festival. Zero tolerance!
  • After your shift, take off your LHSF Ambassador t-shirt. The t-shirt means you are on shift and working. Don’t forget that LHSF AMB HQ has a changing tent.


The festival has many environmental initiatives to keep the festival green and clean, and Love Hope Strength Foundation supports this effort.   

Recycling/Composting:  Keep the park clean and help divert waste from the landfill by selecting the correct bin before tossing your waste.  The festival’s waste diversion is aggressively practiced both by staff and patrons, with an incentive program for fans, hundreds of recycling bins, composting stations in the picnic areas, and a team of hired professionals, along with dedicated LHSF Ambassadors.

Filling Stations:  You can reduce your waste by refilling your water container at one of the many filling stations.


Evacuation Procedures

 The safety of all patrons, staff, ambassadors, artists, etc. comes first

 In the event of evacuation of the park (such as due to extreme weather):


  • Follow the directives of the festival. If the order is to evacuate the park, leave your post in an orderly fashion, along with other patrons and staff.
  • We encourage you to take shelter.
  • When the festival has determined it’s safe to return to the park and announces that the park has reopened, go to the ambassador check-in to check in again and receive an assignment for the rest of your shift.
  • Download the festival’s mobile app and accept push notifications so you are notified immediately of emergencies and other important announcements.

Contact Us

Questions?  Email volunteers@govball.com.  With so many Ambassadors to manage, we prefer email, so drop us a line with any questions.

The Festival is just days away. 

We are counting on you and your commitment to complete your assigned shifts as a LHSF Ambassador.  If by chance you know you are not going to be able to participate as an Ambassador, go to

http://governorsballmusicfestival.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/self_check.php and send an

email to volunteers@govball.com

The Festival is here and you can no longer volunteer?  Even during the event, do the above and email us.  We have a few Ambassadors on our Backup team and  we can use them as substitutes if needed.

We are depending on you and we do not overstaff teams. You were selected because of your enthusiasm and commitment to support  Love Hope Strength Foundation and the Festival.  If you miss one or all of your shifts during the Festival,  it will be noted in your records and future selection as an Ambassador will be jeopardized.  Don’t be that person.


By joining us as an Ambassador with Love Hope Strength Foundation at Governors Ball, you are part of our mission of saving lives, one concert at a time. It’s a great gig that is fun, easy and has tangible results! YOU can literally help us save a life while attending one of the country’s premier music festivals.

Every potentially lifesaving match we find is tracked back to the very event that made that match possible.

As an Ambassador for Love Hope Strength Foundation at Governors Ball your role is dedicated to spreading the message to GET ON THE LIST, maximizing the fan experience, and mitigating the show’s environmental impact. Governors Ball is a fun, friendly Festival thanks to the support of hundreds of people like you. Enjoy the show and know that you will help thousands of people make memories of a lifetime.

Thank you for supporting Love Hope Strength Foundation at Governors Ball.  See you in the park!