Enrique Iglesias welcomes Love Hope Strength on Tour

Posted by Enrique Iglesias:
Hey guys, Just wanted to let everyone know that Love Hope Strength foundation has been kind enough to set up booths at all of our Enrique and J-Lo shows this summer. Please be sure to at least come by to check out! You could help save the lives of these children! So if you are attending the shows, please stop by the Love Hope Strength table and GET ON THE LIST to become a marrow donor. All it takes is a cheek swab!!! You can also GET ON THE LIST online at www.lovehopestrength.org
A few more interesting facts you should know:
– Each year over 18,000 people in the United States alone will need a lifesaving marrow transplant and only 30% will have a match in their family. The remaining 70% of patients rely upon international marrow registries to locate their matches.
– Another interesting fact is that Hispanics make up only 10% of the national registry thus making it significantly harder to locate a potential match.
– Love Hope Strength has registered over 20,000 marrow donors with our partners at DKMS resulting in nearly 300 potentially lifesaving matches.
– Thousands of patients with blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, sickle cell and other life-threatening diseases depend on marrow donors to find a match to save their life.
– Donation is no longer the painful process it once was, 85% of the time it is similar to giving blood plasma.
Thanks guys, and can’t wait to see you on the road!


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