Love, Hope, Strength, Food, Music and Good Causes

Love, Hope, Strength, Food, Music and Good Cause:

I was asked by Meghan Buchanan, a friend of my beautiful bride to be Serena, if I would be interested in cooking for a private fundraiser in Vail. The event is in aide of an organization that they are both very passionate about, Love Hope Strength. LHS works hard on fighting cancer through Rock and Roll. Here is the link;

Of course I said yes. In addition, she mentioned that Cy Curnin would also be doing a private acoustic show. For those of you who may not recognize his name, I can assure you that you know his music. He is the brilliant yet quirky lead singer and song writer for the band, The Fixx. Much of their music is now part of our fabric, our culture and the anthems of the 80?s, in a good way, not the cheesy Flock of Seagulls way. Who doesn’t sing along with Red Skies at Night or One Thing Leads to Another?

This was a very exclusive opportunity to see this level of entertainment, both musically  (and gastronomically) in such an intimate setting. There were only 30 tickets available and it sold out faster than a stoner eating pizza.Cy and I had the pleasure of hanging out all afternoon and when the guest arrived, we both went to work.

Fast forward, all of the guests, full stomachs and a ton of wine each allotment  in to it, a good time was had by all.

Here is the best part for me, Cy and I both realized that neither one of us had eaten a thing. So we bartered. I would make him exactly what he wanted to eat and I would get a private show in the kitchen in return. Out comes the guitar and out comes my knives and a cutting board. He strummed right next to me in the kitchen, next the stove, all the songs that I knew by heart. It all came rushing back to me, singing out loud in 1981 in my 1979 ford f150 with my friends, with more hair product in our hair then our girlfriends owned.

I was there, cooking up a shrimp stir-fry with brown rice and to my surprise, he was as taken by my ease of cooking as I was with his ease of singing. This is a wonderful feeling. Sometimes, we can get a little lost in our own world, we forget that food, music, painting, even accounting are all individual, personal talents that others admire.

I always look forward to doing these kinds of events because you never know what to expect nor who may make an impression on me.

If any of you are interested, there will be a killer fun event happening July 14th in Vail for Love Hope Strength. It is a hike with live shows all the way up the mountain with a party afterwards. Both Cy and I, not cyanide, will be there.

Here is the link to the Vail event and how you can take part. Vail Rock with G. Love Brett Dennen, Miles Zuniga, Cy Curnin, and School of Rock

Looking forward to seeing all of you.