Miami Man Spreads Bone Marrow Message by Bicycle

A Miami man who just finished biking across the country to save lives is trying to get his message across to South Florida.

Not only did Henry Osti make the 4,000 mile journey in honor of his parents who died of cancer, but he wanted to let people know they can save a life with a single bone marrow donation.

“This strikes me as a supply chain problem, because people have the bio matter to actually save people,” he said.

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From California, where his trip started, to the end in Virgina, Osti met with hundreds who were put on the bone marrow registry list after having their saliva swabbed.

“People think ‘Oh, you’re going to go into my bone!’, and that’s not true anymore,” he said about the procedure.

Now, Osti wants Latinos in Miami to listen up because they are the most under-registered — making help more difficult if a Hispanic person has a blood disease.

“You have the opportunity to save someones life,” he said. “It’s pretty exciting.”

If you are interested and want to have your sample taken to see if you are a match for someone in need, head to St. David’s Church in Davie on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. — and keep up with Osti’s efforts at