"MORE TO LIVE FOR" Screening

Friday, Aug 26 5:00p
Location: Tropicana Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Ticket Price: $12
Phone: (702) 445-7610
Age Suitability: None Specified

More To Live For tells the story of three people, all shaken by cancer and dependent upon the one vital bone marrow match that could save their lives. These men are similar both in their fate, and their extraordinary personal achievements: Michael Brecker, 15-time Grammy winner, one of the greatest tenor saxophonists of all time; James Chippendale, entertainment executive and founder of The Love Hope Strength Foundation, the largest music-centric cancer charity in the world; and Seun Adebiyi, a young law student training to become the first NigerianWinter Olympic athlete in any sport.

Their unrelated paths become connected in a desperate fight for survival and a singular mission: to bring awareness about bone marrow donation to the millions of people who could save a life, literally, today. People have a misconception that any time they donate a part of themselves it involves extreme invasive measures; but with present medical breakthroughs, it’s the easiest of procedures. In a simple yet passionate manner, the documentary reveals how easy it is to get tested for and donate stem calls for a needy cancer patient. The testing takes a few minutes, and the actual donation, only a few hours.

A film of tragedy and loss, strength and hope, More To Live For presents three individuals facing life and death, and their commitment to making a difference in the world. These deeply personal accounts of confronting illness will inspire hope and action, leaving the viewer empowered to become part of the cure.

Love Hope Strength will be set up to test people for the bone marrow registry from 6-10pm. This will consist of cheek swabs and filling out registration cards, so there is nothing invasive involved.

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