Musical Journeys Bring Hope to Children with Cancer in Tanzania.

Although the San Francisco Bay Area has some of most prestigious universities, companies and research hospitals focusing on discovering novel treatment options for cancer, this task is anything but a local California plight. The ultimate quest for effective and compassionate cancer treatment options, particularly in regards to children, falls on the shoulders of the entire world.

Thanks to the compassionate endeavors of the Love Hope Strength Foundation(LHSF), the first cancer center dedicated to children in Tanazania was unveiled on February 8th 2011. Mike Peters, frontman for “The Alarm”, a popular welsh band, as well as co-founder of the LHSF was present alongside representative members of the Tanzanian Ministry of Health, Ocean Road Cancer Institute, the Muhimbili National Hospital and The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and many hopeful children suffering from cancer were present at the ribbon cutting for the Children’s Cancer Center.

Funds for the children’s cancer center were raised largely through LHSF-backed treks and pilgrimages of famous musicians to the peaks of several mountains across the world, including Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Fuji and Pikes Peak.

These mountainous treks and the importance of this cancer center can be best described by Mike Peters himself, “Few things are more rewarding in life as the feeling people get when they join forces to help improve the lives of children. All the agony so many experienced climbing Kilimanjaro, Pikes Peak and Mt Fuji is completely overshadowed by the knowledge that our collective efforts will help children in Tanzania in a very real way. We are all proud, yet humbled to help open the new Tumani, Upendo, Ujasiri wards.”

LHSF is doing wonderful things for cancer survivors. They too can use support. Give what you can and together the world can find the cure.

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