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RYDE is an acronym for “Ryde Your Dreams Everyday” and the name of Henry Osti’s personal adventure: cycling 4000 miles accross the U.S. to commemorate his mom and dad, and not only help raise cancer awareness but also grow a bone marrow registry that saves lives.

Henry Osti is a cyclist from Miami Florida. On his last birthday he realized how truly blessed a life he had been given with a wonderful family, amazing friends and an ability to do big things. He started thinking deeply about what he had done thus far and what he wanted to accomplish during the rest of his life.

His parents Aldo and Ann Marie Osti were his best friends and the two people that taught by example how to live a meaningful life. Henry’s mom and dad had cancer, fought bravely, and died just 98 days apart. Henry has had a life goal to do something very different to commemorate them, to help fight cancer in a meaningful way and to experience a big adventure that will push the limits of what is possible for him.

Cycling has long been his passion, so he has decided to do something different this summer and take a cycling adventure across the USA. Henry has founded the movement www.RideYourDreamsEveryDay.com and formed a group of people who as a team will help him:

• Raise awareness, funds and help build the bone marrow registry for LoveHopeStrength.org, the world’s leading Rock and Roll Cancer Foundation..
• Challenge myself physically and mentally like I have never done before.
• Live an adventure that has been my lifelong dream.

This cross country ride is clearly a challenging cycling adventure however is about something much bigger than that. It is a philosophy that is based in the fundamental idea to live a full and meaningful life. One that is about action, adventure and living your dreams with eyes wide open and making a difference to others and the world around us.

Ride Your Dreams Everyday

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