Woodstock Film Festival: Timothy Hutton and Noah Hutton talk pride

Timothy Hutton, Noah Hutton speak about pride
By TIMOTHY MALCOLM | Published: SEPTEMBER 24, 2011

Father’s Day may be in June, but paternal pride is running strong on this Saturday in September at the Woodstock Film Festival. Documentary filmmaker Noah Hutton sat down with us and his father, Academy Award winner and “Leverage” star Timothy Hutton. And we spoke about pride.

Noah’s movie, “More to Live For,” has a good bit of pride running through it. The film is about three people diagnosed with leukemia but not giving up the hope to find the bone marrow transplants that will save their lives. Just 24, Noah said he learned a lot about the strength of humanity while filming.

“All three of them somehow were able to take that news and take that energy and translate it to forward-thinking action,” said Noah. His subjects advocated for donorship, created albums that went toward further research and started foundations to keep the fight. His subjects are Olympian Seun Adelbiy, saxophonist Michael Brecker and entrepreneur James Chippendale. Brecker lost his battle in 2007, but all legacies persevere.

Timothy is here as a proud parent, of course, but also as a judge for the narrative competition. While he can’t talk much about those films, he spoke about watching his son stand alongside documentary filmmakers Leon Gast and Barbara Koppel.

“It’s incredible,” Timothy Hutton said. “The different people we meet and the conversations he’s having. … It was just amazing to see him in that company.”

“More to Live For” screened Friday, but it screens once more at 4 p.m. Sunday at Upstate Films Rhinebeck.